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A conversation on the future regulation of AI

Jul 29, 2020; LoupedIn

Artificial intelligence gets compliance health check

Jan 31, 2020; Commercial Dispute Resolution

Book Review of Robot Rules

Oct 16, 2019; IPKat Blog

AI-powered investments: Who (if anyone) is liable when it goes wrong? Tyndaris v VWM

Sep 27, 2019; Practical Law Dispute Resolution Blog

I, robot

July 16, 2019; Law Society Gazette, Ireland

Interview by Ben Byford

May 27, 2019; Machine Ethics Podcast

Google app that lets users avoid phone conversations set to be hit among call-shy millennials

May 8, 2019; The Telegraph

Review by Tom Dent-Spargo

Apr 1, 2019; Robotics Law Journal

Interview by John Danaher

Mar 30, 2019; Philosophical Disquisitions Podcast 


Robot Rules cited in lecture by Lord Hodge on Financial Technology

Mar 14, 2019; UK Supreme Court

Interview by Rosalind English

Mar 4, 2019; LawPod UK Podcast

Book Review: ‘Robot Rules: Regulating Artificial Intelligence’
Feb 18, 2019; Engineering & Technology Magazine

A sandbox defence

Jan 14, 2019; Sifted

From ethics to accountability, this is how AI will suck less in 2019

Dec 27, 2018; Wired


Three Big Ideas About AI for Lawyers

Dec 2018; Singapore Law Gazette


Responsibility for robots

Dec 18, 2018; Practical Law Dispute Resolution Blog

Why we need robot rules

Dec 18, 2018; Legal Futures

When robots go rogue: the lawyer with a plan for the future

Dec 13, 2018; The Jewish Chronicle

Rules for robots

Dec 7, 2018; The Law Society Gazette

Interview for Robotics and Automation News

Nov 23, 2018

2018 Holiday Gift Guide for the Robotics Fans on Your List

Nov 18, 2018; Robotics Business Review

How can we trust AI?

Nov 15, 2018; CMS digitalbytes

Robot rights and robot wrongs

Nov 14, 2018; EurekAlert!

Should we be worried about 'killer robots'?

Apr 9, 2018; Al Jazeera


For artificial intelligence to thrive, it must explain itself

Feb 15, 2018; The Economist

Letting Facebook control AI regulation is like letting the NRA control gun laws

Dec 5, 2017; Quartz

We should regulate, not ban killer robots

Aug 28, 2017; The Spectator

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are both wrong about AI and the robot apocalypse

Aug 2, 2017; Quartz

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