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Jacob Turner is a barrister and author. His new book, Robot Rules: Regulating Artificial Intelligence (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018) discusses how to address legal responsibility, rights and ethics for AI. He has been quoted on regulating AI in publications including The Economist, Wired and Al Jazeera.


He has acted for sovereign states including Argentina, Greece, Russia and Iraq.  Jacob has previously worked in the legal department of a country's Permanent Mission to the UN in New York, and also as a speechwriter to the ambassador. 

Jacob is a member of the advisory board of Conflict Analytics Lab, a research-based consortium on artificial intelligence and data analytics applied to conflict resolution and negotiation.

He has lectured at Oxford, Cambridge and King's College London as well as at various technology and law firms. He has also given speeches at UNESCO in Paris, and the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Jacob holds law degrees from Oxford University and Harvard.


Jacob has written articles on regulating AI for publications including Quartz and the Spectator.


In addition to Robot Rules. Jacob is also the co-author (with Lord Mance) of Privy Council Practice (Oxford University Press, 2017) a practitioner guide to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, which sits as the final court of appeal for 30 countries and territories worldwide.


Jacob has also written widely on international law and politics. Below is a selection of his books and articles:

Privy Council Practice

Oct 26, 2017; Oxford University Press

The Internet, Competition, Society and Democracy

Sep 2017; Concurrences


Giving Meaning: Wood v Capita Insurance Services

Apr 2017; International Financial Law Review


Remission of an award to a newly constituted tribunal

Aug 2015; Arbitration, Issue 81(3)


ICC - War By Other Means

Feb 2015; Criminal Law and Justice Weekly


Challenging the Bail-In

Jul 2014; The Banking Law Journal, Vol. 131, No. 7


Book Review: The Construction of Commercial Contracts

Feb 2014; Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly


Return of the Literal Dead: an Unintended Consequence of Rainy Sky v. Kookmin on Interpretation?

Jul 2013; European Journal of Commercial Contract Law


The UK's new self-defence law opens the door for a Trayvon Martin case

Jul 2013; New Statesman


Do English and South African Criminal Law Share a Common Purpose?

May 2013; African Journal of International and Comparative Law


Towards a Synthesis Between Islamic and Western Jus in Bello

Sep 2012; Journal of Transnational Law & Policy, Vol. 21


Revising the Emergency Provisions of Egypt’s Constitution

Feb 2011; Harvard National Security Journal

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